Wheel chair taxi services

Safely there and back

Wheelchair taxi services are demanding transportations for which our drivers have received special training. We have paid special attention to safety andcaretaking,  which is reflected as solid interaction between the customer, the home and the driver.

All our vehicles have a wheelchair lift and standard wheelchair fastening means. The vehicles are also equipped with stretchers, which can be used during the  transport if the customer does not need medical help during the ride.

Taxi transportations according to the Disability Services Act

We handle all the city- or municipality-issued transportations for the elderly and the disabled, as well as the standard taxi services of The Social Insurance Institution of  Finland (Kela). If you are entitled to use the standard taxi service by Kela, you can order your transport directly from us. We take good care of our customers before the actual ride, during the ride and after it. We have all the necessary additional equipment in our vehicles, such as stair climbers and inverters, to which an oxygen machine can also be connected. You may also make a contract for all your transports with us, bringing the ride on your door on a regular basis.

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